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A few weeks ago we released a free API for checking the spamscore of a message. The folks on HackerNews loved it, and it’s been really great to see people find ways to get more value from this API.

Some of our favorite usages have shown up in just the last week!

We released our Spam Checking API with an easy and beautiful UI, but it does require that you grab the full email contents including the headers. Simple as this is, it’s work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just forward an email somewhere, and moments later, get back a nicely formatted report about your email’s spamscore?

That’s exactly what Jim Carter built with The cool thing about is there’s no interface other than your email client! Just forward any email to and get one of these bad boys back.

It’s free (but no less awesome), so please be kind to Jim’s servers. Have other ideas for useful mashups with our spamscore API? Let us know in the comments, or better yet email me once you’ve launched so we can write about it here!

Christmas is saved on Reddit

Our hearts were warmed to find that someone recommended our spamscore checker to a Reddit user whose christmas eCards were being sent to spam

Chris was able to jump in and do a quick analysis of the person’s spamscore report, recommending the following to help with the resolution:

  • Set your Return-Path header to a domain and address that you control. Then, add an SPF record to that domain with the permitted SMTP servers.
  • Do not use your user’s email as the from address. This is spoofing and you can’t control the DKIM or SPF. Instead, use their “From name” but your email address.
  • Make sure Reverse DNS is setup for your SMTP server.

While we can’t promise personal spamscore report interpretation for every problem, we’re thrilled to see that this tool is being used to help solve real world problems in people’s applications.

Have you used the spamscore API to successfully track down a problem? Let us know in the comments.

This is a guest post penned by Carbonmade co-founder Spencer Fry. Thanks Spencer!


At Carbonmade, an online portfolio service for artists, every conversation about picking a new service provider begins with “Who does it the best?” and “Are they people we want to work with?”

We ran our own internal transactional email system for the longest time, but growth and time constraints meant figuring out who could handle it better. After lots of research, chatting with industry friends, and repeatedly getting “Postmark” in response, we made the change.

Doing email right is a complicated business but Postmark just works. And it’s pretty! We’re a design first company and truly appreciate the sweet aesthetics in the graphs and such. Postmark is stupidly easy to use and completely rock-solid. No downtime whatsoever.

As far as features go, we dig the notifications of bounces and emails that get marked as spam. It allows us to reach out to folks through another channel or simply removing their email address from our mailings. It clears a bunch of headaches that would otherwise get in the way of the cool stuff we’re busy building on any given day.

Simply put - working with Postmark is a no-brainer and we recommend it highly.

Thanks Spencer! If your company uses Postmark, we’d love to hear how it makes your life better. Write to:, I can’t wait to hear your story!

As a small independent team ourselves, we’ve got a special place in our hearts for other independent software developers. The team at Mojang (which I just learned is Swedish for “gadget”) are the creators of the hit game Minecraft. Since it’s launch to beta late last year, they’ve sold over 2 million copies.


With fast growth comes challenges, of course, and we’ve spoken with Tobias Möllstam, the web developer responsible for, about those challenges.

We know first hand, one of the hardest parts of being a small team is supporting a lot of customers, and that’s exactly the problem Mojang was having on a GRAND scale - in particular, their license order confirmation emails were getting lost:

Before we moved to Postmark we had a dedicated machine for sending e-mails, pretty much stabbing in the dark since we hadn’t done all the tedious work that comes with ensuring e-mail delivery. As our user base grew, much more so did our pile of support tickets for lost purchase confirmations—so something had to change.

When you are literally selling hundreds of copies of your software an hour, time is of the essence.

…probably my favorite part of the service, Postmark took about 3 minutes to get rolling and it has just been chewing away ever since. Now we even have metrics of how our transactional e-mails are doing. We’re back to the future!

Sorry folks, a DeLorean isn’t included in your Postmark account, that only comes after people use your game to build scale replicas of the Starship Enterprise.

A huge thank you to Tobias for taking the time to talk to us - and congratulations on the continued success with Minecraft! We’re big fans of the game ourselves, so its a pleasure being able to improve the experience for them and their customers.

BillQZack Gilbert is the lead developer of a small product development company in Rochester NY. We found out that he’d recently switched to using Postmark to deliver important reminders for their bill management tool BillQ. When people are paying to be reminded to pay their bills, those reminders had better show up and show up on time! So we asked what led him to choose Postmark.

…we had been receiving reports from some of our users that they weren’t receiving their emails and we discovered that some ISPs and email providers (like Hotmail) were just straight up blocking all emails from us. So we decided to look into other options.

Really, it was the ease that sold me on Postmark. Postmark had an already existing PHP library that I was able to very easily and quickly implement into my pre-existing code.

So simplicity got Zack BillQ hooked, but what keeps them around?

We’d been keeping logs of our emails that’d we’d been sending, plus some other basic tracking stats, but the Postmark activity page is great. Now, even if we do have a customer that has had emails bounced, we know about it before they even contact us about it.

Thanks to Zack for sharing with us. What about you - how are you using Postmark? Let us know!

The truth is that not all email is created equally. That is to say, SOME email is extremely important to be delivered reliably, and on time. We’ve found that many Postmark customers rely on us for just that, delivering critical emails like transaction confirmations and invoices, and important account notices like forgot password emails.

We spoke to James Gill, CEO of GoSquared, about his decision to use Postmark for their system-critical emails. They’ve been long-time Wildbit customers (they actively manage a large customer list in Newsberry, our bulk email app), but they had some specific things to say about Postmark:

Before Postmark we were completely blind (as you say in your marketing) to who was receiving our emails and whether people were marking them as spam etc.

With our latest update to LiveStats - version 3.1, we have introduced Traffic Alerts - a feature that’s completely dependent on fast, reliable email delivery. Every time a user’s site is experiencing a traffic spike, LiveStats emails them to alert them. Every email we send goes from Postmark. 

Short of sending the alerts via our trusty fleet of carrier pigeons, Postmark is the most reliable way we could possibly have built LiveStats Traffic Alerts. 

Sad as we are to be putting carrier pigeons out of a job, we’re happy to know that GoSquared customers get their critical emails about site traffic on time, every time.

Thanks for sharing with us, James, and for thinking of the pigeons!

It takes a good amount of trust in a company to handle your critical transactional emails, and we consider it a huge vote of confidence that a company that WE use and trust - 1Password creators Agile Web Soltuions - chose Postmark to handle delivery of their customer’s purchase receipts and license files.

David Teare, founder of Agile Web Solutions, commented on our setup & installation:

It was incredibly easy to setup Postmark. In under 10 minutes I had the first test working and rolling it out to production was just as easy. 

We also asked him about how he’s using some of our more advanced features, and he gave us some insight into how Postmark is not only providing business intelligence, but how he plans to use our bounce handling to help his customer service team be more proactive:

I love the tagging. It allows me to quickly see how many emails we’re sending and why. Before Postmark, I had no clue how many emails we were sending and why. Detecting bounced emails is also very interesting. I plan on alerting our customer service team when a bounce occurs so we can proactively followup with customers.

If you’re not already using 1Password for securely storing and recalling all of your important account credentials (like, ahem, your Postmark login!), you’re missing out!

Special thanks to David and Roustem for being loyal Postmark customers and sharing their experience.

As you might be able to tell, we’re extremely design oriented around here - a lot of care goes into making things as usable as possible, and making sure that they’re readable is just as important. That’s why a bunch of our team members have been long-time users of the Arc90 “Readability” bookmarklet.

Over this past weekend, we were pleased to find that they’d launched a full blown Readability product, dedicated to reinventing the experience of reading content anywhere.

We were even more pleased to find out that they were using Postmark for their email delivery!

We reached out to find out more about their integration, and CTO Chris Dary responded:

Postmark has been invaluable to Readability in the ways in which we haven’t had to think about it. Typically when dealing with large scale emailing all sorts of annoying issues crop up - confidence of delivery, getting marked as spam, bounced emails are all a major headache that a small team like ours just doesn’t want to deal with. Postmark allows us to forget about them - the time not spent dealing with email problems is worth the price of Postmark many times over.

Thanks Chris, for the kind words and for delivering Readability.